Current Kontakt 5 & 6 versions won't load in C9.5?

I’m running Cubase Pro 9.5 in Windows 8.1 64-bit on an Asus/ROG laptop. A previous version of Kontakt 5 (v5.4.3) has been working fine, but gave me an “old version” error when attempting to load a new instrument. I discovered that I had a newer version of Kontakt 5 installed (v5.8.1), and Plugin Manager had been loading the old one.

I moved v5.4.3 out of the plugin folder path so Plugin Manager would load the newer version, as well as Kontakt 6 (which I had not yet attempted to use). After re-scanning, I found that neither one will load in Cubase, only blank placeholders with no interface. The standalone versions of both work fine.

Steps taken so far (at the instruction of Native Instruments support): updating graphics drivers, deleting registry entries, deleting Kontakt folders in “Users/AppData” folder, rescanning plugins, and clicking “Always On Top” on the blank placeholders.

None of these steps have made a difference. Have any of you run into this issue? Any suggestions? If they can’t be made to load, is ReWire a viable option (i.e. latency issues)?


ROG laptop w/ Intel i7 6700HQ and 32g DD4 RAM
Intel HD graphics 530 and GeForce GTX 960M
Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface


Is the size of the blank window of the size of the plug-in? Or is it just small? Could you attach a screenshot, please? Do you use HiDPI screen?

As far as I know, NI Kontakt is not ReWire.

Here are Kontakt 5 and 6, after being loaded as rack instruments (same result when loading as track instruments):

Also, resolution is 1920x1080, so not HiDPI


Please try to experiment with different Graphic card drivers. First try the latest, if it will not work, try some older drivers please.

Laptop has 2 graphics cards/drivers. Rolled back both the Intel HD 530 and Geforce GTX 960M drivers to older versions. No change, current Kontakt 5 & 6 still load as blank placeholders.

Also noticed that even though the older version of Kontakt 5 will load, most of the libraries have been updated and will no longer load in that version. So I’m stuck with no Kontakt at all. Any other suggestions are appreciated.


Are you in Windows 7 or 10? I would recommend Windows 10.

Windows 8.1. 10 has its own issues.


Windows 8 should be relatively OK. I’m afraid I’m out of ideas.

FWIW, Kontakt 5.8.1 is working fine here using Intel 530 graphics on Windows 10, everything 64-bit, in both C9.5 and C10.
The Intel driver version is
I don’t have Kontakt 6.

I had an issue a while back with my Win 10 Laptop which had both Intel and Geforce drivers.
After one of them was updated I couldn’t see Halion…in the end I removed one set of drivers and the problem was solved. Don’t have access to the Laptop at the moment so can’t check the exact details.