Currently missing Apple Silicon features - through maintenance updates?

Hi will you distribute the following features with upcoming 12.0 maintenance cycle?

Video Support

While the video engine has been updated to support Apple silicon natively and does not require OpenGL anymore, there are some limitations:

  • No Thumbnail track support (yet)
  • No DV/DVCPro video format support
  • No MJPEG/PhotoJPEG video format support
  • No Avid DNxHD/Avid DNxHR video format support (yet)

MPEX algorithm

The following features/functions are not yet available when running in native Apple silicon mode:

  • MPEX Time-stretch and Pitch-shift algorithms are not available!
  • When loading projects from previous program versions, where MPEX has been used as Direct Offline Process, it won’t be possible to modify such processes. If you attempt to edit them, you will be asked to either make Direct Offline Processes permanent or to cancel the operation.
  • For time stretch, you can optionally switch to élastique time-stretch modes.

Cubase 13. Has Been Awaiting for ‘MPEX Algorithm’ on Apple Silicon, but It Still hasn’t Appeared. Will It Be Implemented at All? It’s Really Challenging without It.