Currently working on a massive project in cubase 7

was working on a big project in cubase. spent 4 years on it. that’s about it.

Excellent work, certainly admire your production skills…wish I had the patience you obviously have, this is one for jonathan, I’m sure he will admire this work…nice to have you on the forum…Kevin

thanks :slight_smile: looking forward to sharing the final product when it’s ready.

edit: here you go.

nice work and welcome to the Cubase arena. your work is polished and am looking to hear more from you.

  1. Nice track.
  2. Something I dont understand … you made this tune with Cubase or FL?!?


It would of been a good idea to wait till the end of the year to post as this is about music MADE with Cubase and not any other sequencer .I have loads of projects ,large ones made with other software but even thou they are similar styles to what I make in Cubase they don’t get posted because … ,otherwise anyone could post anything made with any software just to advertise what they are doing and then we would be in chaos !!!

Have to agree with that really. Also, (you may have to make an account) but the link is to all posts by trancerafter showing zero comments on anyone elses music and several threads promoting his own music/channels.

I wouldn’t expect any comments back, Trancecrafter has never once commented or taken an interest in anyone elses threads/music on that forum and I can’t see it happening here either, I am of course willing to doubt myself on this before entirely making the judgement based on the users actions on other forums. :stuck_out_tongue: There are some people that just like to post their own and get comments and have absolutely no interest in being a part of a community. Now, he does have some really nice ideas and good stuff, I’m not knocking the music at all. But when it comes to forums and interaction…well I’m sorry but I believe that you should really try to put in as much as you wish to receive from a community. Forums most certainly are a community, not an advertising space to get a few extra views or applause.

There’s also nothing wrong with posting finished projects or releases that have been made with Cubase, but FL Studio ain’t Cubase. :stuck_out_tongue: But you may want to actually participate in a community because you probably can’t see just how needy and selfish you look Trancecrafter when you make these posts on multiple web forums. Sorry to be so negative but I’m a member of the other forum too and people advertising their stuff for views is kinda irritating. ;p

I have more things to worry about in my life than the trolls in random threads.

Maybe there was no ill intent intended but posting music that does not conform to steinbergs rules is a bit silly really .The forum will still be here when you’ve finished your project :wink:


I’ll be terse and just say that I wasn’t implying there was ill-intent, just that which is quoted above. So I’ll let the self-important sentiments in your last sentence ring on. But my point was more that forums are a community and not an advertising space, which is how your posts come off as. If you are too busy to participate, as you’ve just stated, then why bother posting your own stuff on multiple forums?

if I haven’t been to a forum in a while, that doesn’t mean I’m obligated to be. I try to participate when I can.

if this thread isn’t helpful perhaps it can be deleted.

The post just comes off in a pretty self-important manner. Combining that with knowing the self-importance of another forum led to my agreement with another that posting FL studio links and describing your project 6+ months in advance and showing us screenshots (???) of the projects…is quite odd, isn’t it?

It’s your own business what you do, but you’re arguing against facts and I’m merely standing by a factual post.

In 3 years of being a soundsonline member you’ve made 55 posts and the majority of those have been promoting your own music in a similar fashion to this thread, replying to them and with zero, not even one post in anyone elses.

How is it an assumption or even unfair for anyone to point that out? Stating fact is not an assumption. One doesn’t need to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over a 3 year period to manage to post just once on someone elses thread. Why would you think that it does?

Those facts and you saying that you have a serious interest in others creative works are entirely contradictory. Anyone can see that for themselves.

Edit from your last post: just what kind of an impression would you think showing people screenshots of a project 6+ months away from completion and talking about how much depth your music has is going to have? O.o I’ve never once seen anyone do that.

The only reason the soundsonline forum has any relevance is just because I’ve seen you post these threads before. Do you think it’s unfair to judge you based on this self-congratulatory post and your lack of participation on another forum? I think it’s perfectly fair to point it out to fellow forum members. By all means, say that’s wrong, even prove it wrong and make me look like a jerk. But it’s not like you’ve made any posts before or after making your post promoting your own stuff is it now? I’m really sure, given just how much you bothered to type on your first post in this thread that you could have found the time to even give a quick listen to even just 1 other persons thread and say even 1 sentence. Making a huge, self-congratulatory post and then saying that you don’t have time to sit on forums…I wish you could hear how non-sensical that sounds, really. xD

By this point if anyone is thinking I’m a jerk :stuck_out_tongue: ; Some guy attempted to help him with his problem and TranceCrafter didn’t even have the manners to say thank you for trying. So yeah, you know what, I kind of do have a problem with people that act this way and I certainly won’t be shy of telling them so. It’s just absolute bad manners.

I think if you had a desire to integrate yourself into either (or any) forum you could very easily find the time. You ask for help, do not try to help others in return and advertise your stuff and that’s perfectly fine, go ahead and do that. Just don’t try to act like others are treating you unfairly when they point this stuff out.

I poured my heart and soul into this project. literally every single day for an entire 4 years, I spent thinking over details. It practically drove me insane.

of course I posted something about it beforehand.

I don’t need to look up and check up on everyone. It was by pure chance that I recognized you from the soundsonline forum, and given that I’m an active member there I know exactly how you act. Do you not think it’s bad manners to not even thank Martin for attempting to help you with your problem and then return to advertise your stuff? Because I do. Can you not even fathom any rational thought as to why people of a community might have a problem with stuff like that? If I weren’t a member of the other forum I wouldn’t have posted anything at all because I’d have had no idea.

In the months since making your account and asking people for help with your problem, if you’re claiming you have such an interest to participate then why is your first and only post a self-congratulatory one advertising your own stuff and not even conforming to the forums rules at that? If you’d have just said “yeah, I can’t be bothered.” It’d have been the end of it. I’m only continuing to reinforce the facts because the contradictions are so laughable.

you clearly need to rethink how to judge a person if you’re basing it from a forum post. people have lives outside the internet. that is all.

You’re too busy to be part of a community, but not to busy to make huge posts advertising. It’s amusing that you still can’t see just how illogical your reasoning is and you’re not even giving any response other than “hey man, i have a life, i don’t sit on forums 24/7.”

Anyway, I’m not judging you as a person, you might be a great guy. I’m judging your forum persona, which is based on facts. Explain how you don’t have the manners to say thankyou to Martin who attempted to help you with your problem but you have the time to make this huge post here. Do this on multiple forums and surely you can see how you may not come across well or even irritate people? This is purely speaking of how the forum persona is perceived by others. Are you just gonna say “people have lives outside the internet.”? Because that’s laughable, the argument I mean, we all have lives and we somehow manage to be courteous to one another and muster up a simple thank you to others. xD

I find that rather offensive.