Cursor arrow hides tool tip

Sorry if this has been answered before - I’ve searched the forum and not found it.
When I hover over a tool (Cubase 10.5 Pro) the cursor arrow hides the first part of the tool tip. Not sure if this is a windows thing or cubase.
Any help gratefully received.


The tooltips position is generated by the system (not Cubase).

Thanks Martin

I’m a windows 10 user and I’ve found this quite frustrating in Cubase Pro 10.5. Possibly earlier versions too.
The tooltip is often obscured by the pointer and when I move the pointer a little the tooltip disappears.
As I type this I am using Firefox. Tooltips appear on this very page on a number of buttons and I have no problem reading them.
I use my PC with a wide range of software and Cubase is the only program which gives me this problem.