Cursor doesn't move, cannot hear music Wavelab Elements 8

Hi, tried to work in Wavelab Elements 8 today (was working fine after I installed it a few weeks ago) but now I see that the cursor doesn’t move after I push the PLAY knob and I cannot hear music, although the left and right db Volume meters at the left of the screen are jumping up and down as if the track was running. I had more or less the same poblem with Cubase 7 a month or so ago, and here the problem was caused by a Windows 7 update. After disconnecting the Steinberg Hub it worked as before. Same update problem with Wavelab? Or something else going wrong? Help!
Frank Gorissen
Subterra Recording Studio

Probably something is not properly set in Options > VST Audio Connections.

Thanks Philippe, I opened VST Audio Connections and saw in both Playback and Record that the Left and Right channels were “unused”. I connected them and it works!!! Many thanks!!!