Cursor doesn't snap when clicked in empty space

With this preference checked off in the preferences pane, the user can move the cursor wherever they like by clicking on empty space in the project. However, with snap on, the cursor is not snapping into place for me. No matter what I set the snap type to, it never snaps. However, when I click on the ruler bar it snaps perfectly.

It’s annoying. I’d like to have it snap when I click in the empty space and the ruler. Am I missing something?

On Mac with Cubase 6

That’s right, it doesn’t snap, and I also I think it should snap the same way as it does clicking in the ruler.

Really? That’s by design? I was hoping it wasn’t so. So disappointed. That’s one thing I have absolutely loathed about Logic. The inability to click in an empty space to get the cursor. Now I find that Cubase doesn’t snap when you do that.


Feature request!

I really hate this too, but never thought to bring my complaint up publicly. Thanks for doing so, if enough people feel the cursor should snap regardless of where clicked, perhaps this can be implemented. Good job. Anyone else care to chime in on their feelings about this matter?

I’ve been spending the better part of the day today trying to figure this one out. I’m a new user to Cubase coming over from Reaper. Really, really surprised how people get by without this functionality.

For me, the ability to click ANYWHERE within the clip and have the cursor snap-locate there is crucial - how else do you locate? Does everyone seriously go up to the top every time? I tried fiddling with the PLE and macros and no dice yet - no way to do this simple thing. :frowning: