Cursor follows Selection real-time pref (video sync)

It would be good to have an option/preference to make the Cursor to automatically follow selected event(s).
The best thing would be to have it to follow directly in real-time (Cursor moves simultaneously with selected events).

So if an event is selected, moved or dragged - the Cursor will follow to the first event start automatically.
It will ready to play (or record if "Record from Cursor is chosen) from that position without the need to move the Cursor first (using key command “L” or not).

The biggest advantage would be for video if the Cursor follows directly in real-time. That will be very useful for synchronizing audio to video frames. If the Cursor follows audio event movements, the video will also follow the Cursor and be upated to correct video frame along with the audio movement.

Simple, useful and easy to implement. Just an option for the Cursor to follow Selection (real-time).

+1 on this one, please enable the Cursor follows Selection in realtime or what is called Edit Mode in Nuendo

… full Edit Mode would be the best. But if that is a Nuendo only feature we would be happy with just “Cursor follows Selection real-time”.

The most important thing here is that the Cursor (and thereby video) follows directly when selecting and moving audio/midi events.

Full Edit Mode would also scrub video when trimming events, fading events, using range tool and so on. That would be nice too, but if that’s reserved for Nuendo then the Cubase users could at least have what’s described above: Cursor/video follows selection and moving of events.

Giving this a bump since it buried deep into the archive…

It’s a basic thing, still very useful if you use video anytime… Yes, it’s in Nuendo, part of the “Edit Mode”, but it would be a bit ridiculous if such a basic thing could not make it into Cubase as well (now I’m only talking about the “Cursor/video follows selection” thing, not full “Edit Mode”).

It could be an added sellable feature for Cubase which takes almost nothing to implement, since it actually already exist in the Nuendo code base. And it is not like that this little feature would make Cubase a cheaper equivalent to Nuendo…

Yeah, This Nuendo-only feature is just that one thing you have described.

It was turned on in Cubase by mistake a couple years ago for a short time, then removed. I would like it too! There a many music composition and sound design cases where it would be really helpful.