cursor going back to start after recording

Hi - quick question;
how do you make the cursor go back to the start after tracking guitars. so after every track I want the cursort to back to the start so I can rerecord.

Num+* -> record
then I hit [space bar] and I want the cursor to go back to initial position.

attached is an image to visualise it


If you hit Num+0 it will stop, hit it again and cursor moves back to where you started it. (Double tap Num+0)
Alternatively there is a preference option to return to start when stop.

There’s also a neat rerecord feature for exactly this reason. If you’re recording… hit record again and it will auto retrack, which will replace or stack depending on other settings. There’s a right click function to pull up these settings on the transport bar but I don’t use it often. Have a look… it’s there. Someone else should be able to guide you more. If you’re still stuck and no one else replies. Re ask and I’ll take a look for you.

You can always set up a short cut key to toggle the space bar behaviour. Some times I prefer return to start on stop other times I don’t.

thanks guys, the Num+0 thing is super handy. its good to see the different version of takes you have.