Cursor in Notepad unable to see

In the main notepad, the blinking cursor is white instead of black, meaning you can’t see where it is.

I hope this is not somebody’s idea of an improvement, it isn’t.

Speaking of colors, I have asked now for going on four years to please have the old behavior for controllers:

Red for sustain #64 ON (127)
Blue for sustain #64 OFF (0)

For the last few year’s releases both on and off have been gray. It doesn’t make sense, when editing long data you can’t tell which is which. Every year I show this to the people from Steinberg and they say “yes, you have a valid point” yet it is never fixed.



Are you in Dark Mode on macOS? Isn’t it related to this issue?

Ugh. Yes. I was in “dark mode” on my Mac. Changing back to “light” fixed this issue. But now everything else doesn’t look as cool. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: