cursor jumps to different track

Has anyone had the problem of the curser jumping to a different track when working in automation?


Not here. But, could you be more specific? How do you work with automation? Do you edit it via mouse, or via HW controller, or do you write it…?

Do you mean how it is that when you begin an automation pass – assuming a physical MIDI controller is being used to write the data – the cursor jumps down to the lane being written? On what kind of track are you writing automation – audio, midi, instrument? On my Akai Advance, I use the rotary pots to control the faders, so if I’m automating volume, the data is being written on the lane for Volume, an individual lane. On MIDI tracks, some of the controllers, like Modulation, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch are in the Key or Drum Editor, but other items will be in lanes associated with the specific track. An Audio Track’s volume automation will have an individual lane. When you write automation for things such as Volume, Pan, Mute, Solo, you might see that “jumping” behavior. It confused me at first, but I’ve somehow adapted to how it works. Take some time with simple, example projects and you’ll soon get comfortable with how it works. It actually is very logical.

Good luck with it all. It does work.

P.S. it’s “cursor” not “curser”

Funny, I was just about to report this as well. With me, I’ll be writing automation and all of a sudden a completely different random track will be selected. This is starting to happen all the time and is very frustrating. I’m not using a controller either although one (Ipad running Lemur) is connected.

It might be something to do with track names being the same. External midi controllers don’t like it when there are multiple tracks called the same thing.

Are you perchance using the arrow keys with events selected? In that case, if the ajacent event is on a different track that’s where you’d be taken.

I also had this happening after upgrading to C9 in one project with lots of midi tracks controlled by a VCA fader. I really drove me up the ceiling! It didn’t only happen when using my Panorama P1 to control the faders but also when using the mouse to select individual tracks in the mixer within this group. It would just randomly jump to other tracks within that VCA fader group. After looking at the VCA fader configuration I unchecked the ‘volume’ option and now it behaves normally and it still controls the relative group levels. Hope this helps.

Here’s what confused me, but no longer does. When you automate Volume for the Audio output of a MIDI track, the cursor jumps from the MIDI track to the Stereo Output for that track. In Groove Agent SE, if a MIDI Snare Track is assigned, for example, to GA Audio Output Two (2), the Volume automation is written (correctly) to the Volume automation lane for that output. That is not “jumping” to a “random” track, that is Cubase writing automation on the lane it belongs on; however, when you begin automation, it can be visually odd to see a lane open up down in the VST Instrument folder when you were just on the MIDI track.

On Instrument Tracks automation works somewhat differently, but the same kind of “jump” happens when automation is used.

If this is what you’re calling a “random jump” or whatever, it isn’t random. Cubase is actually very precise about how it writes automation.

I’d like to see a video or screen shot of what the OP means by “randomly jumping” to a track. I think it may just be confusion about how Cubase writes automation lanes. Anyway, I really like how Cubase’s automation works. It’s one of the strongest parts of the program in terms of what it lets us do with our mixes. I use “hide all” frequently if I’ve written some automation, but am still developing parts for a project. it cuts down on the visual clutter when your focus is on making music. F6 Automation Panel.

Good luck with this. If you’re getting some odd behavior and can’t resolve it, it may be time to try resetting your preferences.

I am very late to this party, but I was having a similar issue and when I did a search on it I ended up here. so I was trying to do an automation pass using the single faderport and when I would have my desired track highlighted I would press the play button. All of a sudden Cubase would jump to a different track at another place in the project. This had happened before, but this time I wanted to figure out what the…anyway after looking here and there I realized I had the QLink button engaged and it was taking over when I was trying to automate…Needless to say I’m a moron! anyway, I thought this might help other people as well…good luck all!

Q Link is great but you have to watch when you’re working with it engaged. Depending on what you are automating the automation lane may be written to the Audio Output of the instrument so I’d be on Midi Track A, but the volume automation was being written down on the assigned output for the instrument (mostly an issue with HESE/3). Somehow I’ve just adapted to how Cubase works and it seems “normal” for it to do what it does for most functions.

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