Cursor location lag/delay when clicking in tracks

I experience a lag/delay in cursor location upon clicking into an audio or MIDI track or event with the range tool. I click, and then it takes half a second (roughly speaking) for the cursor to relocate. This makes audio editing extremely slow and cumbersome. In contrast, if I click into an automation lane, the response is instantaneous, as expected. But I can’t use this as a workaround for trimming and fading commands, of course.

I’ve tried turning off audio waveforms (not that this is an acceptable workaround) to see whether it’s a graphical thing, but this made no difference. I’ve tried various other graphics card settings recommended by power users around the web to no avail. Power management, latency settings, and ASIO guard settings make no difference. This seems to just be a Cubase issue, as I have no similar problem in Pro Tools, Studio One, or Reaper.

Anyone else having a similar experience and/or any recommendations? This is making Cubase unusable for me in a current editing-heavy project. Thanks all!

same problem here. did you ever find a solution ?

Nope, got a really unhelpful suggestion from support once, but that’s it.

Can you describe in greater detail what it is that you do exactly?
It probably sounds weird to you but with Cubase giving so many options to operate in different modes it is not clear to me what you do when you perceive the lag.
E.g. do you use the Range tool or the combined range and selection tool? Where exactly do you click (screenshot would be nice)? etc.