Cursor or Head Moves Left After Clicking Record if Not On A Bar

I think the vertical line that moves across the screen when playing a project, if Auto-scroll is turned on, is called a Cursor or maybe a Tape-head? I’ll call it a cursor for this post. If my project shows bars & beats and, for example, I would like to keep recording new takes (lanes) over and over from bar 20 to bar 25, so I set-up the purple repeating area on the top ruler bar from 20 to 25,and I place the cursor on 20 and click the record button, the recorded area begins at bar 20 as I would expect.

Recently, I’ve found the cursor will sometimes start further left than bar 20 (in this example). I’ve found it always happens when I’m not on a whole bar number, like 20, but instead if I am trying to start recording at 20.5 for example. If I set the purple repeat area from 20.5 to 25 and move the cursor to 20.5 by clicking on 20.5 at the ruler bar, when I press record, the cursor will move further left to bar 20 and the recorded event starts there.

I haven’t been able to replicate this behavior any other way yet. I don’t remember it being like that, but maybe I just haven’t had the need to record at a partial bar starting position until recently. I’ve experimented with the transport options to 1) start recording at project cursor position 2) start recording at left locator/punch in position and nothing changed. I tried a blank project and nothing changed. I worked with US Steinberg support and we temporarily moved all preferences to my desktop and reset them in Cubase. This “fixed” the behavior where it will begin recording at 20.5, in this example. There are a lot of preferences to go through to try to narrow down the preference that’s doing this.

The only recent significant change I can think of is adding Superior Drummer 3 to the Cubase template I begin with. I noticed after that the “v” key I had customized in Cubase, no longer did what I told it. SD3 has a “track” area, so perhaps this is changing something.

Does anyone know what preference would cause this behavior? Or, is there a faster way to narrow it down other than copying one preference file at a time from my desktop back to Cubase and testing it?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Try the setting Snap MIDI Part to Bars. This might be why it’s recording from the bar and not in between.