Cursor (Playhead) ahead

I was using Cubase 9.0 Pro for some bigger Sessions / Sessions using Kontakt which were unstable in 9.5 and I noticed the cursor is not in sync with the music - its about 1.5 beats ahead making editing somewhat difficult :frowning: . I just downloaded the latest 9.0 update (9.0.40) and the problem was still somehow very noticeable. This is on a Steienberg UR824 with a Geforce 960 Graphics card.

Anyway there is a way to fix this, I turned off “Boost” Audio Priority in Device Setup >> VST Audio System. This seems to help in 9.0. :smiley:

The problem does not exist in Cubase 9.5 even with Audio Priority boosted.

FYI - My 9.0 settings now: