Cursor position at startup

Hello Forum ,
I have recently had a change occur to the position of the cursor on startup . On opening Cubase It used to go to the place in the project where I last finished before closing down Cubase but after upgrading to Cubase 8 it now opens Cubase at the very beginning of the project … this is no large problem as I can then proceed to the place I last finished at but it would be more convenient if it did go to the place where I last finished off . Any suggestions on how to change it ?? I did try Cubase / Preferences /Transport Panel but could find nothing relevant to this in the settings there .
Thanking You ,
Ross Marr

Hello Ross

Did you found a solution concerning this cursor issue? I’m having exactly the same

Go back into Preferences>Transport and see if ‘Return To Start Position On Stop’ is checked or not.

That may have something to do with it.

It might start the song from the beginning each time it’s opened if it’s checked off, but I can’t really say for sure.

Just something to try and see if it makes a difference either way.

Thanks for your answer. The parameter was unchecked, unfortunately it doesn’t make a difference to change it :frowning:

Hmm…I’m stumped then.

I’m still on 7, but… Is it that the project opens up showing the start of the song, but the cursor is actually off screen at the last position? That’s what I currently find in V7.5. I press F twice to turn ‘follow play cursor’ off and on again, which centres the screen on the cursor again. Worth a try?


Still on 7.5 here, but my cursor has always been reset to the beginning when I reopen a project. I didn’t know it could be otherwise.


Yeah, now that you mention it, I think mine is always this way too.
Never thought about it until this thread.

Hello forum,
After posting the original thread from the end of march onwards I have not been on the computer or the forum so have missed the replies and comments since then . Thanks to everyone who has joined in for their comments and suggestions . I have tried the suggestions but haven’t been able to get them to work . I have had cubase since cubase 4 and the cursor has always returned to the place I last finished when I open up again but since upgrading to cubase 8 it has always opened at the start of the project and I have not been able to change it back . Maybe this is cubase 8 related but from some of the comments it seems that others have had it opening at the beginning of the project with other versions of cubase so it seems unlikely to be cubase 8 related . I must have changed something with the new download but do not know what ??