Cursor position in ME

Hey guys,

Here with another question about something really annoying when editing and playing a Midi item in a window.
When I want to play back from the begining of the midi item I can’t set the cursor position because wheter I will click on the item name wheter I will click on the Ruler and activate or deactivate the cycle ?? In order the set the cursor I drag the item name a bit to the right (which also change the lenght of the midi item), set the cursor position to start, then put back the item name to its origin.
Now I’ve also noticed that clicking on the icon “show part borders” will remove at the same time the midi item name and let more space in the ruler to set a position at the begining but there is another solution ?? Thanks again


Click to the upper half of the ruler enable/disable the Cycle. Click to the lower half of the ruler changes the cursor position.

Woow, it is so thin that I never noticed. Not so easy to click on the lower half of the ruler without clicking several times before on the upper half.
Thanks a lot Matin :wink: