Cursor problem !! (#9 cursor)

I have a probleme with the “Monitor” cursor! I can’t hear anything when the line is reading the file. It used to work on my Cubase 5 but not anymore with Cubase 10…

I can see the line but there is no sound. Other than that, everything is working great. But it’s hard to work without it.

I do have the same problem in VariAudio, I can’t hear any of the word separately. I feel like this is an Audio issue but everything works great other than that !

Thank you guys! Hope I can make this work…


Can you explain what’s the monitor cursor?

you can select the Monitor cursor (or press #9 on keyboard). That cursor allows you to hear RAW audio anywhere you drop it. A very useful tool when you want to listen carefully to an audio without having to press “Solo” on your track.

I feel like this is a audio problem in some menu… ALSO, I can’t hear my audio when i work in Vari Audio… it’s weird and sad at the same time