Cursor problem with nuendo

hi please help me i will become mad !! :astonished:

I use a lot the function , return to start when stop on / off . last month i used this function on cubase without problem .

With nuendo i can’t do this , i don’t understand how the cursor moves .

look i take screenvideo to show you the problem .

if i’m understanding well… file > preferences > transport

Yes thank’s for reply ,

i talk about this but for me this is not woking , I posted video .

oh… click the ‘sync’ button on your transport

or check your keycommands if by some magic you got your spacebar assigned to a macro that triggers the preference settings regarding returning to start position.

i deleted all the macro and click on the sync button , still not working .

but i saw , the cursor when I press space / play always start to the begenning of the clip I select .

do you know how I can switch off this option ? I think the conflit is with this preference .
thank’s !!

I guess that you have accidentally enabled Edit mode.