Curve EQ demo mode?

Good evening Cubase folk…

I just started playing with the Voxengo Curve EQ that came with Cubase, but it keeps saying it’s in demo mode and to please purchase. The settings page says it’s registered. I did move the dll file to my shared plugin folder, because it wasn’t showing up in it’s default place, but I read it was ok to do that.

What gives? Thanks…

if it doesnt want to “play nice in your sandbox” i would try putting it back where it belongs and adding that path to vstplugins list. as mine is in its default directory and working ok.worth a try.

Thanks for the reply. I already set the path to where it was and I could not get it to show, that’s why I moved it.

Where is it supposed to show up in Cubase, under Steinberg/EQ?

i have my prefs setup to “display by vendor” so it shows up under “Voxengo” (i have a ton of plugs from same vendors) eg “Audio Damage” etc. so i dont know where it would show up otherwise…i would assume like you it would be under EQ. try changing to display by vendor and rescan all plugs. otherwise i think “demo” problem would be one for steinberg support. good luck its a great plug :slight_smile:

Thanks, yeah it’s showing up under Voxengo/EQ since I moved it. I have sort by vendor enabled. I’ve got a couple of other Voxengo plugs and probably had a demo or two at one time, but I don’t see how that would cause probs? It’s just the one dll file right?