Curve EQ from Cubase 7 in Nuendo 5.5

I thought - why not copy the “Curve EQ” plugin from my copy of Cubase 7 (Contents/VST3 folder), into the corresponding folder in Nuendo 5.5. So I did, and it works. Also the others seem to be working as well (eg “synthegine”).

I haven’t tried to see f they work if placed in the normal system VST3 folder, since I can’t think of any other apps that support VST3 anyway.

Not sure if this is “allowed”, but I will buy Nuendo 6 as soon as it’s released anyway, and I own both Cubase (two copies), and Nuendo 5.5, so “who’s the victim here”?

Why should it be not allowed? If you own Cubase7…?

Isn’t Curve EQ that Voxengo Plugin? Well, then this is just a simple dll which can be used in all hosts you have, or not?

I own licenses for Cubase 7 and Nuendo 5.5. But I also discovered that, if I copy the plugin (in my case a VST3 not a DLL because I’m on Mac) to the system VST3 folder, I can also use it in Studio One, which supports VST3 format. But whether it’s licensed for that I can’t say, and I guess I don’t really want to open that can of worms.

You can do the same thing with most plugins, unless the plugin is locked to the host in question.
For example, the stripped-down sonnox tools from WaveLab work in all VST3 hosts if you copy the files…