Curve lines with arrows

Is there any way to do that lines?

(I want a way to do it faster, not doing it with slurs or different sizes of graphics, so: like a line)

I am very curious — what do these lines mean?

It’s for Bohdram preassure. I know that there are different ways to represent that (maybe other better) but I’m curious too, to create these lines on Dorico in a practical way (not create a specific-length-graphic for every line.)

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Yeah MusAnalysis does these. It’s just a text font, but it does have those sorts of curvy lines.

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Mmmm, yes… But I can’t create exactly that because i can’t start with a straight line (@sb0—4) if I want to go up (b).

Also, I can’t create an arrow…

Sorry, those curved lines were a bit of a crapshoot. Very difficult to make, and a clumsy way of solving a pretty basic need.