Curved Fades

It’s 21st century, so Fade-In & Fade-Out we want curved.
Curve could be visible on audio sample and also parametric in top bar - from -100% to +100%, so 0 could be straight line.

Sorry, I just saw a video by Christian Henson (Spitfire Audio man) and his workflow in Logic :frowning:

You can have curved fades but I agree it is cumbersome to open a window and do it. On top of that you can not see or hear the results until you hit ‘‘apply’’ Not intuitive at all.

@ozinga, I know all these features.
I meant curved fades that don’t apply to the sample, just do fading live like if it was automation curve.

Yes that is what I mean too. You can do it. Just not directly on the region. You have to open fade editors window from the top audio menu or double click on the upper side of the fade.

Wow! Didn’t know that.
Thank you!
Anyway it would be nice to have:
a) one parameter on top bar as I mentioned - one parameter for both - shape up and shape down,
b) both FadeIn & FadeOut windows in Inspector pane in Editor Tab. Now it is empty whenever I select in Project window.

please see and bump this thread:
Fade Editor - Review & Development: Functionality, Hotkeys - pictures/video included. Thank you devs

You dont need to open a window to do it. Just change the standard fades to the curved one and it will be curved when you drag in the fade from the top corner of the audio.