Curved Underscore

When typing in Lyrics, Dorico will automatically convert a straight underscore to a curved one, as shown on the first line of stanza 4.

But when I add additional verses (I’m using the Copyright and Other Info fields for verses 5 and 6), the underscore stays straight, as one would expect.

Is there a way to make it rounded in the additional text? I can’t seem to find this symbol in the wild as a Unicode character.

Have a look at :

Why not just use a text box?

Thanks, Steven - and now I know what it’s called: an elision slur.

Romanos401: I’m using the Copyright field so that I can format the text once as a Master Page, and then simply paste in the Stanza text without any further formatting.

Ideally, Dorico would have a robust set of controls to allow any number of Verses to be formatted as a paragraph block.

Hi Evan.

You will probably need to make sure the Character Style of the text is set to Music Text - top left corner of the text editor which appears when you double-click on text to edit it.

Not objecting to anything that’s been said here … but in a text block I think just “th’angelic” without any special character is perfectly clear in terms of syllabification (and standard).


By the way—what is the tune name of this hymn? The melody is totally unfamiliar to me.

Yorkshire, if I remember correctly.

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The only advantage I can think of, for using Flow fields, is that you could in theory create the page without any overrides - the extra verses just being filled from the token.

But of course if you’re using tokens and fields, then you can’t change the font for one character, just to include the SMuFL elision character.

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These issues are precisely why I have to take my scores out of Dorico to AP.

In the past I’ve used shift x text (because at least I could format it and it’s a bit less finicky than dragging text frames about) but that’s a pain in its own way.

The following symbol can be pasted into a regular text box in Dorico: