CurveEQ in Artist 8

I’m not sure if I have a bug here, or if I have misunderstood the manuals.

According to the Plugin-in Reference CurveEQ is an included plug-in. When I try to run it however, I get an eLicencer dialogue box popping up telling me that I have no valid licence. which wouldn’t be so bad if it were not for the fact that the error message completely freezes my PC and I have to reboot to get out of it.

Is CurveEQ actually included with Artist 8? If so, can anyone suggest a solution to the eLicencer issue?

Actually, according to this line-up:, CurveEQ licence is included only with the Pro version of Cubase 8.

You’re right, it is specifically mentioned on the Pro list, but it is included in the Artist package: why put it in if it is unlicenced? Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Cubase Artist uses the same executable files as Cubase Pro, and I believe all Cubase Pro content is included in the Cubase Artist installer. Which version of the program will be used is decided based on which software license you have.

Pretty sure CurveEQ isn’t supposed to be showing up for you.

Cubase Elements uses a different executable and installs less data. If you have a Cubase Pro license, Elements will still run as Elements.

Thanks Romantique Tp - I have now found the definitive list and Curve is not supposed to be in the Artist version. I guess it must be an installation glitch. I’m not concerned about it being unavailable, I just found it a bit odd that it’s in the menu.