CurveEQ - Mix/Amount

Hey guys,

is there somehting like a mix or amount knob in the CurveEQ? I’ve checked the manual but didn’t find a hint.


Aloha m,

I have lately been experimenting with the Curve (with its ability to ‘learn’)
to do things like:
‘Auto Noise Reduction’ by ‘riding certain learned frequencies’ etc.

No luck so far. But I never quit.

Re: mix amount:
Searching/reading the Curve manual I too could not find any info on this.


Next I’ll try loading the Curve on a ‘buss’ to try using it as a ‘send’ effect.

If I can ‘gently’ send signal into it, this might achieve
the solution you seek.

Perhaps you too could give it a try and
then let’s compare results.

Yo, sorry for the delay!
Hm, not sure of the send idea. In logic’s Match EQ, Ozone, etc its so easy to match signals - with a 0-100 slider…

Seems not many people are in need of this feature!

Probably not but I love your ‘out-of-the-box’ type thinking.

IMHO yours are the types of thoughts/approaches that lead to
advancements/changes in the music fabric of our lives.

Growth is a good thang.

BTW none of my experiment are working.
Including the one about which you posted.

Oh well. Back to the lab. ‘gna ah ah’