Custom 5-line/grid settings per percussion instrument?

Hiya! I’m engraving a multi-percussion piece in which there are various arrays of instruments. The problem is as follows; there are congas and bongos that I want to be displayed as a grid (they look good in pairs of two lines), but there are 5 roto-toms also, and I definitely do not want these to be displayed as a grid, looks incredibly awkward to have more than 3 lines in grid mode. Is there a way to specify the staff type per-instrument? Or should I figure out a different way to lay this out…

Thanks :slight_smile:

As long as they’re treated as separate percussion kits, it should just be a case of going to Library > Layout Options > Players > Percussion and setting each kit the way you want it (for that layout).

Unfortunately that setting changes things for the player, not the instrument… I guess I could separate the instruments into different players, but that kinda defeats the point!

Players in Dorico don’t have to map exactly to human players. You can just put both players in one layout.