Custom accidental placement/offsets against staff lines

I’m working on building out a set of playback-ready custom microtonal accidentals using Ben Johnston’s just intonation notation. It’s been a wild time getting it set up using 12000TET. :face_with_head_bandage:

Using the default offsets of x=0 y=0, these plus signs look great on notes between staff lines (i.e., FACE). However, when modifying a note on a staff line (i.e., EGBDF), they disappear. See attached screenshot.

My workaround is having a duplicate accidental with a y=1 offset. However, in the spirit of making this tonality system as hassle-free as possible (lol), I’d love to be able to tell Dorico to offset the accidental if it intersects with the staff line. Is this possible?

I share this need, but it is definitely not possible currently. My rather unsatisfying solution so far with Johnston notation has been to offset + and – by ¼ space so they are always near-but-not-on a line.

BTW, Johnston symbols are part of SMuFL, designed to combine well with the standard accidentals, so you don’t have to make your own.

Thanks for the perspective! Yeah, I’m not making my own from scratch – rather just setting up the playback-ready tonality system in Dorico from scratch.