Custom barline request

There are many types of barlines used by different composers. It would be great to have a double thick single one, and a double thick pair (such as seen in Haydn). I’m not sure if this is in the feature request queue and pardon me if I repeat myself, but I’d love to see this feature, even if limited to purely being able to adjust the thickness of individual barlines for a start, not just globally.

Sure you can hack this with lines but other programs (the one starting with L) let you make custom barlines and I do need it quite a lot.

Andro, have a look at the barline panel. There is at least one more, than one would expect. It is a double thick line barline. I was surprised to find it there.

I don’t see a double thick barline in the side panel.

However, I note that the popover manual offers a triple single barline, which isn’t in the side panel. It doesn’t list ‘thick’, which works for a single-thick barline, but I can’t find a double-thick code.

What I mean by double thick is two thick barlines close together, not a single double thickness one. Ambiguous terminology!

oh yes, I am sorry, I meant the (single) double thick barline.

In the unlikely situation where you don’t actually need repeats, you can modify the double repeat sign to get what you want:

Create the gap in Engraving Options and delete the dot from Music Symbols. Obviously not very practical if you need actual repeats, but just throwing it out as an option if you don’t.

I need repeats. I need other barlines too, such as extremely thick ones, hence my request for being able to roll your own. That’s a nice idea though.

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