Custom channel colors on a track's meter

Would help quickly spot center, sides, etc. Help me help you make it better…

Try to make your request even shorter so that nobody understands what you want.

Or, without sarcasm, kindly elaborate in greater detail about your feature request so that the developers have an easier time understanding what it is that you’d like to see added.

“Custom channel colors on a track’s meter”

Do the quotations help?

The answer is “yes, you can adjust/customize colors on track meters”.

If that’s not what you’re asking then “no”, ‘quotations’ don’t help…:


This is specifically relating to channel colors. As stated in the post… I will try to quote, bold, and italicize in the future.

I see. I think the confusion is probably because people often think of a track as a channel, even though a track can have many channels in it. So basically you’re saying that if you have for example a group track that is 5.1 then Left would have a different color from Right which would be different from Center and so on, correct?
(By “would” I mean ‘could’)


Hence me making a point with identifying center, sides, etc.

The original post doesn’t need further elaboration. Or snarky confused comments from hobbyists - just a developer’s glance.