Custom colors for menus / menubar


I would like to see the following feature being implemented.

  1. The possibility to select user defined colors for the menus / menubar within Cubase. Since the whole menu system for the Windows Cubase version is already ‘owner drawn’ (a windows development term), I think it would not be difficult to add custom colors for the menus / menubar.

  2. The possibility to rename CC numbers into descriptive names showing up in the automation lanes. Add a button on the instrument track - caption: CC - that would open a dialog where every CC number is listed and a description box can be filled in. In Preferences add a checkbox with the option to include the CC number in the description shown (if description is not blank).

  3. Make a generic mapping without the need to use the Midi Transform tool. I use an Access Virus TI2 keyboard as my master keyboard but the CC’s it sends need to be translated into different CC’s for VSTs and other hardware synths. A feature should exist to map those hardware CC’s to any other CC (be it to target a VST or a different synth).

This feature should be linked to the Midi ports used where a treeview could be used to map 1 hardware synth hard CC’s to multiple targets. By targets I mean different synths. F.i. I would be able to trigger CC’s from my Novation Supernova 2 by turning a knob on my Access Virus TI2 but Novation CC’s are different than Access Virus CC’s so a translation in in order. Sorry for the longwinding explanation.

Kind regards and thank you for the magnificent work you are all realizing every day!

A Windows 10 user