Custom condensing group changes mid-score

There’s no way to change custom condensing groups along the way? Also, it isn’t possible to place the same instrument into two different groups? For example, I have a passage with four horns. Horns 1&3 play quite high, and 2&4 quite low. I’m condensing 1/2 and 3/4 normally, but for this section I would like 1/3 and 2/4 for space considerations. This is not possible?

Just create a condensing change with manual condensing?

How do I do that?

I think you would need to create a layout-level condensing group containing all 4 horns, then you can subdivide in different combinations using manual condensing changes (where necessary). You can’t cross individual players between condensing groups set up for the layout, if my memory serves.


@Lillie_Harris OK, that’s what I thought. So if I am 50% of the way through a large project and change the layout-level condensing group, essentially all of my condensing on those staves up to that point will need redoing, right?

Yes, you’ll need to at least review the condensing up to that point if you make a significant change to the condensing groups, and any condensing changes that contained settings for the groups you’ve removed or expanded will need to be checked as well.

Given it seems this could cause you much work to review and adjust earlier decisions, might you not be better off simply redistributing the notes between the players?

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@Janus Yeah, it’s a good suggestion and I thought about this. Unfortunately I thing the low parts are probably too low, and high parts too high, to make the players happy if I redistribute. I’ll certainly consider it. I’m a week into this score, on page 253 now, and the idea of redoing any of it up to here is just . . . painful!

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