Custom Default zoom?

I don’t find a way to set the default Zoom to 125% (or any custom %…)

No, you can’t do that at present. This is a good idea, though, so I’ll make a note of it for the future.

Thanks for adding this to the list, Daniel. I’ll second that this would be a welcome addition. I’ve discovered that 168% on my computer is almost exactly life-sized. I’d love to be able to open up to that by default!

Thanks for looking into this. This is my thought: preset zooms are fine with me as long as the custom zoom I set i.e. 180 stays there. If I need to go to 400 in the presets the custom zoom changes to 400 and I have to reenter 180 in custom. Can you make it so the custom zoom I enter doesn’t change when going back and forth to presets? or better yet have a choice of several custom zoom levels in the custom zoom section.

Welcome to the forum, TrackOne. We tried to make the custom zoom dialog as quick and simple as possible to use: you should find that you can type Alt+Z 180 Return to zoom to 180% without any muss or fuss: if that’s a little sequence you haven’t yet committed to memory it might be worth it.

I was looking this up right now to see if it was possible. Not only would a default zoom be very helpful (my monitor prefers the 257% scale), but also if I could make the “Z” and “X” commands a default “zoom in” and “zoom out” ratio.

For example, if pressing “X” would be -5% of the current zoom percentage. Currently, pressing “X” zooms me out to 400% which is always way too aggressive.