Custom Drumkits

How about the ability to mix and match the drum kits different hi hats from one kit
a Snare from another and build custom kits

Did Hypersonic had that ability ?

Yes, Hypersonic has the ability to use others sounds in a kit.

Steinberg it would be a great feature to add :wink:

I realy would love this :smiley:

Aloha guys,

I do this now.

I load one instance of HaSo and then load in up to
16 different drum kits. Each kit on a diff MIDI channel.

Then in the Project Window I have 16 different MIDI/Instrument tracks
firing one on each separate channel.

This way I can have a kik from one kit and a snare or hat from another etc.

With a 2nd/3rd instance of HaSo I can start to double/triple drum sounds.

HTH (hope this helps)

And those who prefer to have all midi in one track can make a custom drum map, assigning each individual drum lane to any of the 16 midi channels. Just thought I’d mention it :wink: