Custom Dynamics Text

Hello all,

sorry to bother you with a simple question. I’m just trying… to enter a dynamic text via Shift D, and it won’t work! “Perdendosi” is what I want, but that could also be “hello, my name is Sébastien!”, hehe. I know I must not think the Sibelius way, but the I miss the simple “CMD-E”, and type whatever you want… I aready learned to add a suffix, e.g. “al fine”, after “dim” (even if I litteraly wrote “dim. al fine” in the popup, but it only catch the “dim”…), but how can one just write something personal as a dynamic? I tried to use Shift X, but “dynamic” isn’t in the paragraph style menu.

I really love my discovery of Dorico, but I sometimes feel kind of trapped…

Thanks all,

You can add whatever text you like to a dynamic via the ‘Suffix’ and ‘Prefix’ fields in the Properties panel.

… and furthermore, you can then hide the dynamic to which you’ve attached the prefix/suffix by way of the “Hide intensity marking” property.

Yes, I just found that, and it worked perfectly! That’s what I needed, I shoud have looked closer…

Now (and it may be in another tread), it seems that the “erase background”, for dynamics, isn’t applying to slurs and lines? (but working very well for staff and barlines).

Thanks to both,

You are absolutely right about it. This has probably already been requested, though…

I’m trying to notate a section with varying levels of attack. “fp” and “ffp” come out fine, but “mfp” changes to “mf-p”. Is there a way to get rid of that hyphen?

No; you can specify that Dorico should use a different separator, but you cannot prevent a separator of some kind from appearing in that situation.