Custom Effect Names on Master Section Effects List

is there any way to customize the names of my effects, or add some characters.
I have 3 master rig plug ins (could be any plug in) and I dont know which is which until I click on it.

I do not think so … but: what you can do is create a ‘template’ of the plugins that you want to load or audition in every session. For example save the 3 master rig plugins on the image in you your post as ‘digital console’ ‘master rig start’ or something.

Then every time you load that (master section>load preset) that identical order and plugin setting for each instance will load. You can then deal with confidence that the uppermost master rig plug is setting A and so on.

You can then re-save the setup as something specific to the session if you want.

hi Paul
thanks for the thoughts, I am aware of the options you mention. Unfortunately for me those plug ins and that particular order are not a set thing, they may even change drastically in the session itself, ultimately I need a way to see what plug in is what and what it is doing to have the workflow I’m looking for, but thank you for your input…

Just a remark: the MasterRig is itself a multi-processor; this is unusual that you need 3 instances in sequence.

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hi PG
thank you for your comment, Because the smart bypass is only in the Master Section Currently, many times I create my Master Rig setups there and then move them to their respective clips, Also Sometimes I want to use 1 of the available Master Rig Limiters in the Brickwall mode, and another Master Rig Limiter in the Modern Mode, and there may be other scenarios as well, and it doesnt need to just be a Master Rig, there could be other processes in that list and it would be nice to not be restricted to the generic plug in name only…

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