Custom Ensemble Templates

I may have missed this in a previous forum post somewhere although I have tried to look around… Is there still no way to create an ensemble template so when you create a new empty project you don’t have to build an ensemble from scratch? I have a regular ensemble with specific instrumentation I arrange for, and sure the templates that are already present cover it to some degree, but I always find myself spending a lot of time tweaking the ensemble to make it what I usually need.

I know there’s a workaround with saving a different project with a new file name and deleting all the content, but it’s not an elegant option as then the new file has the (sometimes unique) playing techniques transferred… I’d like to start fresh except for the instrumentation!

If this could please be considered for future version that would definitely be appreciated.

At present it seems to be a question how much your time is worth whether you put up with a few additional PT’s or create from scratch or hold out for a more “elegant” solution.

You could always create and save your own ensemble template before adding custom playing techniques.

This has certainly been requested before, and you can rest assured it’s on our backlog for implementation in a future version.