Custom ensemble

When creating a new score, and adding players/instruments/ensembles, is there a way to create a custom “ensemble”?

For example, I teach high school band, I’m creating warmup sheets for my jazz band. The instrumentation won’t change any time soon. Alongside the existing built-in ensembles, can I create “my jazz band” with the specific instrumentation that I have, and save it for the next time I need to make a new sheet?

At the moment I believe the only way to do this is to create the ensemble the way you want it, then save it as a blank document. Every time you want to use it, open up the document, “SAVE AS” with a new name, then edit it.

I believe it was mentioned that this is planned for the future, so that you will be to be able to create your own templates, but not sure when it will be implemented. I believe if you search for templates, you might have better luck, and might find the thread where Daniel said that.