Custom Flow Heading assigned to page or flow?

I have a flow that begins with the piano playing very high notes, plus some textual instructions, plus tempo marking, which all stacks up and runs into the Flow Heading. So I created a custom flow heading with extra space below it and assigned it to the appropriate page. Works great, looks great.

My question is whether the custom flow heading is actually assigned to “page 40,” which is what I technically did, or whether it is assigned to Flow 14, which is what I want. If, as I continue writing, the start of Flow 14 moves to page 41 or 50, will the custom flow heading move with it, or will I have to reassign it to the new page where the flow begins?

Flow heading changes are currently assigned to pages, not to flows. There have been lots of requests to enable flow heading changes to be attached to flows instead, and this is something we are thinking about for future versions.


It’s actually quite easy to reassign to another page: select the miniature page with the flow heading change and use the little arrows (left-right) buttons :slight_smile: