Custom Gradual Dynamics text?

No luck trying to do this. I’d like to have “cresc” written (with no period) then the dashed line. I figured out how to get the line, but can’t seem to get “custom” text in gradual dynamics. :confused:

If I put “growing P” in the dynamics pop up, seems that can’t be connected to a say 3 measure region with a dashed line. I could then hide the “P” and all fine but no :blush:

So, is there any way to customise the gradual dynamics text?

I would be fine with normal text (that wouldn’t play back correctly) but seems I can’t get a line with that :open_mouth:

Am I missing something?

I’m afraid you can’t do this using gradual dynamics as you can only add a prefix or suffix, as you’ve found. But you could potentially press a pedal line into service for this, since you can specify that a pedal line starts with an arbitrary bit of text, and then you could set its hook length to zero in Engrave mode.

Great idea Daniel, thanks!
It would be nice to be able to customise that text, and maybe even set how that affects playback? That’s my first official feature request !! :wink:
And maybe for a future version we could have lines with text as a separate “tool”?


Certainly you can expect expanded support for text and lines in future, I’m sure.