Custom Header Image in Audio CD Report

I see that this has been discussed in the past in the WL 8 and WL 9 forums. So I’ll bring it up here again:

When you try to add a custom Header Image to the Audio CD report (your studio’s logo, for instance): after trying many different files supplied by a graphics person to figure out which one will show up in the report at the correct size (I am using PDF as the report’s output format), the logo in the report ends up blurry and not at all at the resolution of the graphics file that’s being used for the header. It’s unprofessional looking. Can this get fixed someday?

Even though we’re making fewer DDPs for clients, we use the CD Report for creating cutting notes to accompany audio files that are destined for other Lacquer Cutting Studios sometimes.



My studio logo always looks a little grainy on PDF reports.

Worse yet, when I print one out now and then it looks worse. I thought maybe my printer was low on ink but it’s just due to the logo resolution being messed with. It does look unprofessional.

Exporting as HTML and messing around is not a valid workaround, so it’d be great if the PDF export with studio logo could be fixed. Thanks for the reminder on this.

Did you try vector graphics, like SVG? Maybe it could help because PDF is itself based on vector graphics, that is, graphics that scale without loss with size.
Note: I did not try.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had my graphics/web guy make both an SVG and EPS file and WaveLab doesn’t let me select either one as an option in the Audio CD Report dialogue box, so I can’t test this out.

WaveLab doesn’t let me select either one as an option in the Audio CD Report dialogue box

Right, I will have to try and maybe fix this.

Thanks. We tried again some different image sizes as JPG and PNG and the problem still occurs where the image totally changes size and looks blurry.

I hope it can somehow get resolved in the next update. I think my initial report was in 2015!

WaveLab relies on a third party module for PDF export, because PDF stuff is not the core domain of WaveLab.
Therefore I have to wait for an update of this. But I think one is coming, but not before several months.


Just thought of a possible workaround for Windows at least, to select “print” instead and use the Microsoft print to PDF function. Some graphical glitch with the print preview page though, just thought I’d report it so you know. Buttons on the top are all blue:

Thanks for looking into this, Philippe.


Is there any chance of fixing this for 10.0.50?

I just found anther use case where the header image on the PDF looks terrible. Embarrassing really.

Please email me this example.


I would also like a more hifi studio logo please!

In WaveLab 10.0.50 it will be possible to use sizable SVG files (Scalable Vector Graphics) to get very nice results.