Custom horizontal/vertical lines automatically changing music font


I’ve encountered a small issue with how Dorico treats horizontal and vertical lines. Creating a custom horizontal/vertical line in Dorico will automatically resort to Dorico changing the music font back to Bravura if you are using another music font. Is this because other music fonts don’t support custom lines?

Can you describe the exact steps for this? I can create new lines and the font doesn’t change from Sebastian.

I should’ve mentioned this happens to me with repeatable symbol lines but here’s my process (I also use Sebastian):

  1. Edit Lines, create new line
  2. Go to Line Body Editor
  3. Go to Repeatable Symbols, add new line (any of the symbols do this) and then apply to new line
  4. Music font has automatically changed back to Bravura

I’ve also updated the character styles to reflect Sebastian too but this does not seem to help with my issue.

I think the repeatable symbols are made with Bravura. You might have to create a new repeatable symbol with Sebastian.


This would make sense, although some of the repeatable symbols appear invisible to me with Sebastian:

Trying to remedy this by making an identical line (i.e. the wavy line) just changes it back to Bravura again.

Probably because that symbol is not included in Sebastian.
Goto Library → Repeatable symbols and create a new symbol.
Or if you edit an existing one, you need to delete the current symbol in the editor before adding a new one with sebastian.


Okay, so there is no workable solution then?

I’m note sure what it is that you want exactly.
If it’s a line with repeatable symbols and that symbol is not included
in Sebastian, the no. You could create a symbol in Affinity Designer or similar and export it as SVG. Then import that into the repeatable symbols editor.


I’m fairly sure that Sebastian has all the Repeatable Line glyphs, but do let me know what is missing that you need.

I have those lines. What version of Sebastian (and Dorico) are you using? Make sure you don’t have a duplicate version activated.

I think it is possible since Sebastian have the symbols.
Maybe it’s just that the repeatable symbols editor defaults to Bravura.
But once you added the Sebastian symbol it should be OK
In the file below are both the Bravura Wavy line and the Sebastian one.
They are slightly different.


Untitled Project 1.dorico (525.9 KB)

Also, I don’t think the standard lines changes because you change font.
The are made with Bravura. So you have to create a new repeatble symbol with Sebastian, then a new line using that symbol.