Custom Instrument labels?

I’ve got 4 horns in a full orchestra piece. But the order needs to be:


How can I get this to happen in the Instrument labels?


If you’re using condensing, you can set up two custom condensing groups on the Players page of Layout Options, one with Horns 1+3 and the other with Horns 2+4.

Great, what about on parts where each have their own staves? Possible?

Just drag 3 above 2 in Setup mode.

I have 4 horns that are just called “Cors”. The numbering seems to be internal to Dorico?

If you have four separate parts for your horn players, it doesn’t really matter what order they are printed in!

You are right, the numbers are generated automatically when you create the instruments, but they will “stick” to the original staves if you change the order in the score or in your condensing groups.

I don’t think he’s asking about printing order, I think he’s asking about the score appearance as horns are often written interlocking (1&3 high, 2&4 low) and the score needs to reflect that if that’s the orchestration, while maintaining individual parts for printing. As Craig said, just drag 3 above 2 in Setup, then create custom condensing groups as Daniel suggested. Doing this with the Modern Orchestra default would look like this:

I though the worry was that the Dorico auto-numbering would change (i.e. it would always be 1-2-3-4 from top to bottom in the score) if you changed the order of the staves in the score. It doesn’t.

Thanks for all your responses !!

Yeah, the piece is done, all the fine tuning and condensing. I have 4 Horn parts, usually condensed onto two staves, but sometimes on their own 4 staves.
As it is, it shows:


I just need the numbering to change like the above example by @FredGUnn. What is in the stave called “2”, I need to show “3”.

Is there anything I can do at this stage?

You could swap the contents of the Horn 2 and Horn 3 staves, perhaps?

Yes, swap contents and then change position of the players in setup mode as suggested.
Also, you should be able to rename every horn individually and give them the number you want in setup mode by right clicking on them and then edit names. But I would also recommend the other methods mentioned above.