Custom instrument name isn't displaying correctly

I’ve looked at ways of displaying different staves for one instrument and what seems to be the popular way is to add another instrument to a player that uses the staff you’re looking for. I’ve added a Cajon to my guitarist and renamed it guitar percussion, then manually changed the staff visibility depending on when I want the player to see it. However, I can’t seem to have the instrument name display as “guitar percussion” in the score, anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Welcome to the forum @etellefsen7!

I can’t remember for sure for sure but if you go to Layout Options>Players>Percussion, try setting that kit to 5-line staff and see what happens. Does it change anything? The reason I ask is because currently displayed as a grid.

Also, are you displaying this in Galley View? Individual instruments will be displayed in this case and the guitar/kit won’t condense into one staff unless you’re in Page View.

Hi @etellefsen7 here is what I suggest to do (the steps are visualized in the picture):

  1. go in menu Library to Layout Options/Players/Percussion and set your Percussion as Grid in case you changed it
  2. in Setup mode click on the three points near your (green) instrument (green “instruments” are Percussion Kits) and choose Edit Percussion Kit
  3. in the Edit Percussion Kit window, select the grid view
  4. select both your Cajons (with command click)
  5. create a Group clicking on the +
  6. rename the group that have been created with double click on it (both the Full and Short names) as Guitar Percussion and Guit. perc. for example
  7. don’t forget to click Apply after having renamed the group!

Now your staff displays correctly your desired name :slight_smile:

Hi @Christian_R! Sorry I’m only getting back now but thanks so much! That did it!