Custom instruments for the endpoins

I tend to write music that includes folk instruments not included in Dorico, and so I use similar instruments as the base for that instruments and then change the name of the instrument to something like lyre or whatever.

Is there a way to save custom instruments so that when you save endpoints these endpoints are not linked to the base instruments but the custom ones?

Endpoint configurations will save exactly the instrument types to which the endpoints are currently assigned. You can’t practically create your own custom instrument types at the moment, but this is something we plan to add in a future version of the software.


Thank you Daniel! Looking forward to that.

Please add custom instrument types. I’ve been having to create a Baritone Ukulele for years.

Create an empty project with all your ‘custom’ instruments (stringing, expression maps, endpoints) and save it as a project template (File>Save as project template). Then it’s available for all your new projects!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I do create new projects from templates, but the sounds go awry and I don’t know how to fix them, not knowing how to handle expression maps and endpoints. I need private help.

That’s what I currently do. But it’d be awesome to be able to switch between playback templates for different reasons. And you can’t do that if the endpoints aren’t correctly assigned to the intended instruments.