Custom Instruments?

Hey, thank you very much. I tried to do it, but somehow can’t get it to work. I’ll look at it again tomorrow. But yes, it’s of course quite a bit of a workaround. Not that pretty. It’s causing me too much stress already to enjoy the programme. I’ll wait for version 4…

You need to restart Dorico after the change.


Thanks, Jesper. I sure did. Now I have a pitch-based system for the snare drum, but cannot transpose the note :)) But if testing this software is already causing this, I rather wait until all the features are implemented. It seems to be planned since 2017. Other than that, I really enjoy the software. It’s a pity.

Does anyone know if this works in Dorico 4?

You mean the various manual tweaks to XML files etc. described in this thread? Yes, those things will continue to work in Dorico 4.

You could import XML document with 1-line staff (and others), and then save it as a template.

Hi and thanks. No, I mean whether I can transpose notes in a single lined notation system (without any tweaks). I need this to create some kind of diagrammatic method of notation.

This is an example. I created the basis with a single lined system and then added the rest in Illustrator. But it would be really good if I could at least transpose the notes in Dorico (for my workflow).
Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 11.22.52