Custom key commands: finding and displaying them

Oops . . . I’m encountering some key command conflicts, and need to find and display my own custom key commands in order to find the culprit. Is there any way of doing this?


Help/Key Commands or Preferences/Key Commands/Print Summary will list all of them.

Thanks, FredGUnn – I hadn’t realized that the Print Summary included one’s own custom key commands!

Strangely, tho’, Print Summary shows that I should be able to zoom out via [Ctrl+num pad+ -], but it doesn’t work.

The widget that powers that local webpage can’t differentiate between num keypad keys and the regular top row numbers (and -/=), at least on mac.

That said, those zoom shortcuts work fine here (albeit with Cmd rather than Ctrl, given I’m on a Mac). Do you have a Num lock key, perchance? If so, what happens if you press it and then try the zoom shortcuts again?

Thanks, pianoleo.
Just tried it with the num lock key on/off, but no difference – still doesn’t work.
I have other key commands for it – [ x ], and [ctrl+ -, on regular keyboard] – but I’m wondering why the num pad version isn’t working. . . I keep thinking I must have made a change in the past. . .