Custom key commands gone after installing update

After installing the Dorico 4 update, all my custom key commands have disappeared. I had them when I upgraded to Dorico 4. How can I get them back, or transfer them from Dorico 3.5?

Can you tell us more about your system? I could help you if you’re on Mac, for instance…

Yes Marc. 16 inch MacBook Pro 2019 on Big Sur 11.6.2.

Ok. Open ~/Library/Application support/Steinberg /Dorico 3.5 (beware : this is your user library)
You should find your keycommands_xx.json file (where xx is en, fr, etc. Depends on your keyboard language layout)
Copy it to the Dorico 4 folder in the same path, and you should be able to use your old shortcuts again, once you restart Dorico!

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Thanks will do.

Took a while to find the user Library. However, done and thank you so much. David

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