custom key commands gone

Yesterday i sat down for hours setting up custom key commands for my controller, and saved them in Nuendo as a preset as well.
Today, almost all of them (surprisingly not all) are gone…also if i reload the preset they’re not recovered. THis is highly annoying…did i miss something ? I remember having the same problem with Cubase once, but forgot what fixed this. Any help is highly appreciated.

Did you adjust the “profile” as well?
The user profile contains all the keycommand files and if you swap profiles it will change to what you had in that profile.

No, i didn’t touch the profiles ever.
But that reminds me that i replaced the defaults.xml of Nuendo with the one from Cubase 10.5 …although i see no connection, i’ll try using the original file. Nuendo also forgot some (again not all) of my DOP favourites…strange.

I think DOP fav’s are stored in default xml

Hmm, looks like it’s not the case, just replaced it with the fresh one after installation, and the favs are still there (all of them !). Also the key commands seem to stay…for now.

Well I guess I can’t be right about everything :slight_smile:

though i was surprised :slight_smile: