Custom key commands when upgrading Dorico?

I’d like to upgrade my Dorico Pro 4 to 5 and am wondering how to avoid having my custom key commands overwritten? Where to I find them on my Mac so I can save them off, and do I need to import them into the new version of Dorico? Previously, when upgrading to Dorico 4, a lot of my custom key commands stopped working or were overwritten in the new version so it was annoying.

Also, will my Preferences get overwritten or is there a way to keep them from Dorico 4?

The keycommands_yourlanguage.json that sits in your user library doesn’t get overwritten when you update, it’s copied and put in the new user folder. The only shortcuts you might loose are those that have been introduced in the new version and that might take the place of existing user-defined keyboard shortcuts. So all in all, it shouldn’t be a big problem.
Hope it helps!

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