Custom Key Signature Accidentals Placement

Hi, I’ve created a custom key signature for a Treble Clef stave. I just want one sharp to appear (F#) but have it appear on the bottom of the stave as opposed to the traditional top position. See the picture below. Although I thought I’d set it up correctly it reverts back to the other position in my flow.

If you’re wondering why I need this, I’ve got to create some worksheets for students who have to tick the correct placement for the accidentals in a key signature.

This seems to work as expected for me, Alex. Could you attach the project in which you’re having the problem so I can take a look?

Sure, it’s flow number 34 within this project. I’ve managed other custom key signatures but can’t get this one to work. Thank you.

Grade 1 Theory.dorico (958.2 KB)

It renders incorrectly for me too. Curiously I can change the mark to be the #E, and that displays as expected, but not the #F.

In your file, enter a explicit g clef and activate the Octave shift property.custom_key_signature Thought i’m not sure that is the expected behaviour.

Thank you very much! That sorts it, even if it isn’t the expected behaviour.

Yes, there’s something a bit fishy going on here, and it looks like a bug to me. I’ll investigate more when I have a bit more time, but at least for the time being you’re able to keep going. Thanks to @rafaelv for finding a workaround.

Thanks Daniel. Good luck with fixing it.