custom key signature and accidentals


I’m writing a piece using a custom key signature, but I am not able to use any accidentals in the piece. Is there a reason why Dorico won’t allow any accidentals? What can I do to change this?

I can create accidentals when I input the notes, but I cannot edit existing notes to change the accidentals. Why is this?

I’m not sure what could be happening here. Can you zip up and attach the project so that we can take a look?

Sure. Here it is. The problem is in the 8th flow of the project. (1.37 MB)

Hi Timmschnittke,

You need at least one step more in editing your new tonality system.
Edit the pitch delta value of flat and sharp to -1 and 1. That will allow the accidentals to show (including the natural). If you’d need to show a double or triple accidental you’d have to add those accidentals to your new tonality system.


Got it. Thanks very much.